Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting.


The world has changed since the Great Recession. California has Billions of dollars in Entitlement debt and will continue to divert dollars meant for cities into the State’s coffers. Because of this, several cities in California have filed for bankruptcy.

Over the past three years, we have been able to achieve a balanced budget in the City of Costa Mesa. In the three years prior to my election, the City burned through more than $35 million dollars of reserves.

As a council, we’ve set a precendent that we may no longer live on our savings and we have attempted to fundamentally restructure how we deliver services to our constituents. We have ratcheted down spending and cut out waste. We also renegotiated employee contracts and brought full transparency to wages – not just salaries – but entire compensation packages. By working together, the City and its employees are moving forward and settling the standard in California for a more sustainable financial future.