The Grand Opening of Eurocar, Costa Mesa.

Economic Development

Costa Mesa sits in the heart of Orange County and is an extremely desireable location for home owners and business. During my time on the Council, I have tried to maintain this status by keeping fees low and working with all of our businesses. As a City we are blessed to have the top sales tax generating mall in the world, South Coast Plaza. But, we cannot rely on this tax base forever. Costa Mesa must continue to be a business friendly city and encourage investment in our City.

Over the past few years, we have seen a reformation on the Westside. Dilapidated, worn-out buildings that were no longer serving the best interests of the community are being replaced with newer, more modern residences. On 17th Street we have seen a renaissance of beautique restaurants and stores open up: Pitfire Pizza, Green Leaf, Mendocino Farms & Tabu Shabu to name a few. The Triangle has been completely reformed and is now a destination center for people not only from Costa Mesa, but all over Orange County.

It is exciting to see all of the improvements throughout Costa Mesa, and I would like to see the City continue to move forward.